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This will be a 4 tournament series where wrestlers will accumulate points throughout the 4 tournaments.The top 4 wrestlers in points at the end will receive an additional award. Wrestlers placing 1st - 3rd will also receive awards at the conclusion of each individual tournament . 


Due to Covid restrictions each age division will have its own time slot in which they will be wrestling in. Wrestlers cannot enter or come to the facility until their given time for their respective division. Each wrestler is allowed 1 person to enter the facility with them to coach, (zero exceptions including parents , siblings , coaches etc ).Parents/coaches will need to wear a mask if covid restrictions are still in placed partake in a brief health screening. Wrestlers will need to wear a mask except for when they are warming up and competing.Each person who enters facility will have their temperature taken. If a wrestler or person they arrive with has a fever , they will not be allowed to enter the facility and a refund will be given for that day. The facility will be cleaned between each Division. Each age division will be made up of (4) 4 man round robins , ensuring each wrestler gets 3 matches. Madison weights will be used. This is an honor weigh in tournament however, we have a check weight upon check ins and a wrestler must be within 2lbs of the weight they fill out on registration. If they miss weight they can still wrestle but will get no award or points for the day. 


These tournaments are pre registration only , no walk ins ( no exceptions) . Once each division is full , it is full. If an age division is full but we have room in the age bracket above, a wrestler can move up to wrestle. Wrestlers can also compete in 2 divisions however they will only receive points for the 2nd if they move up in the next age division. No extra points for wrestling 2 brackets in same age division. Cost of extra division is $10.


Tournament Dates      coming soon    


Divisions  :  1 (5 & 6 years)  2 ( 7& 8 years) 3 (9 & 10 years ) 4 (11&12 years)                          


Price - $35 per tournament or $100 up front for all 4. 

Points :1 point for each match wrestled, 3 points for a win , 1 additional point for a tech fall , 2 additional points for a pin. We then divide that number by your total number of matches for each tournament . ( each tournament will have its own amount of points ) ex: tournament 1 = 4 points , tournament 2 = 3 points , tournament 3 = 1 point , tournament 4 = 2 points for a grand total of 10 points.



Tournament Location :  Lions Den Martial Arts , 501 Columbia Turnpike , Rensselaer NY .



                                                Registration Form


Payment ,registration and waiver must be received 3 days prior to each tournament. They can be mailed in with a check and printed form or you can PayPal or venmo registration fee and send a picture of the filled out registration form via text to this number : 518-478-3777 . Once form is sent via text you will get instructions on how to PayPal or Venmo fee. Checks and forms can be mailed to:


Tom Svingala

22 north main st 

Castleton NY 12033

Make checks out to: Lions Den martial arts



Wrestler Name : __________________________________  age : ___________


Weight:  ___________   School or club : _______________________________


Experience Level / Tournaments won or placed in : _____________________




Address : __________________________________________________________


Phone number : __________________________


Email : _____________________________________________________________


Parents Name : _____________________________________________________





Lions Den Tournament       

Name: _______________________________________________Age: _______ DOB: ____________

I hereby release Lions Den Martial Arts , its instructors, owners, participants,the tournament officials and referees and anyone other than myself from any and all claims regarding any accident, injury, illness or liability that may be caused in conjunction with this tournament. I will be responsible in full for all health, safety and welfare of my child. I am aware of risks associated with Covid and am choosing to have my child compete and agree to follow all rules as set forth for this tournament including the taking of temperature , health screening and wearing masks.


___________________________________ Signature of Parent/Guardian


_____________________ Date





Each tournament will use this schedule. Wrestlers can expect to wrestle 3 matches with 20 minutes of break in between each match.


Division 1 

9am - check in/doors open

9:30am - wrestling will begin and awards handed out when concluded



Division 2

9am - check in

9:30am - wrestling will begin and awards handed out when concluded



Division 3

9am - Check in

9:30am- wrestling will begin and awards handed out when concluded



Division 4

10:30am - Check in

11am - wrestling will begin and awards handed out when concluded




A wrestlers points can be viewed on the website   following each tournament . Please allow 24 hours for updates after the conclusion of each event. Awards will be handed out to the top 4 in points at 2:30pm on the day of the final event.


 Congratulations to the 2020 Fall Brawl Series champions!!  1st place - Ashten Haley , 2nd place - Blake Brice and 3rd place - Chase Reynolds


  Top 8 - Last Wrestlers Standing  - These wrestlers are still in contention to finish in the top 3 and receive a fall brawl series Trophy.  




3.D4 - GAVIN NORBERG - 14.66 POINTS  - 3rd place

1.D4 - ASHTEN HALEY - 15.66 POINTS - tied for 1st place

5. D2 - DILLON TREVOR - 12.25 points

1.D3 - BLAKE BICE - 15.66 POINTS -  tied for 1st (2 division wrestler)

4. D2 - CHASE REYNOLDS - 12.99 POINTS ( 2 division wrestler ) 

7. D2 -  REED LYNCH - 9.99 POINTS ( 2 division wrestler )

Credentials for if we have a tie for 1st through 3rd place at the end of the series . 

1. The wrestler who accumulated points only wrestling in 1 division would win over a wrestler who accumulated points over 2.

2. If wrestlers are in same age / weight division or within 1 year of each other and 10lbs. There will be a wrestle off

3.  If not in same age / weight or within a year can agree to wrestle off anyway to see who wins

4. If none of the above apply - coin flip