The Lionheart Scholarship Award

Lions Den Martial Martial Arts awards a full 1 year scholarship to attend all classes at the lions den for local High School wrestlers from area schools. This award is handed out on June 1'st of each year.  To be considered for this award you must attend 1 of these local high schools. ( Rensselaer, Maple Hill, Columbia , Averill Park, Ichabod Crane, albany) You must also submit an essay stating why you deserve this scholarship. it must include your history in the sport of wrestling, future aspirations in the sport and your win/loss record in competition. The scholarship does not cover equipment needed to attend classes .  This award is not handed out to the best or most accomplished wrestlers, it is handed out to the kids who want it the most and will work hard to achieve their goals.

to be considered for the current years scholarship , email your essay to :  by May 1'st.