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  • Students must always show respect to all peers and instructors. 

  • All students share the responsibility of keeping the Academy safe and clean.

  • BJJ Class begins with students handing in their attendance cards. If you can’t find your attendance card, please speak with an Academy Staff Member.

  • Students must remain quiet and attentive in class and not engage in unnecessary chatter. This is of particular importance when the Professor is demonstrating a technique.

  • Children who are waiting in the facility as their parent takes class must remain quiet at all times. They cannot cause a distraction to Instructors or members. Any food or messes created by the children must be fully cleaned before leaving. Do not leave crumbs or chips or messes of any kind  all over the floor etc. Please check before you leave. Children who leave messes and/or are a distraction will no longer be able to wait during classes.

  • Students must properly wear a clean, odor-free uniform at all times. Professors have the right to deny training if a student’s Gi is unsanitary.

  • Students must wear a complete Lions Den Gi at all times. Gi's must be Blue or White for students (Instructors may wear Black). Outside Gi's containing a Lions Den Patch are accepted but must be Blue or White in color. No outside academy Gi's allowed. Gi's can be rented at the academy for $10 per day if needed.

  • Nails must be trimmed and without any sharp edges.

  • Any injuries , sickness or infection must be brought to the instructors attention prior to class

  • no training with any type of skin infection or bacteria - this will result in being banned from the academy . We may require that in some cases students return with a Dr note and clearance prior to returning to classes. Any open wound or sore must remain covered at all times. 

  • No jewelry to be worn during training. Women's rings that cannot be removed must be covered with tape so no sharpe edges are exposed.

  • For Muay Thai or Boxing classes all students must have proper equipment to attend class. Boxing class requires hand wraps and Boxing gloves. They must be actual boxing gloves and not a toy or fitness glove. Muay Thai requires Boxing gloves , Handwraps and shin guards. All equipment must be approved by the coaches , no toy or fitness equipment is allowed. gloves cannot be worn down to the point padding is no longer effective. no MMA gloves in Muay Thai class unless a student has a scheduled fight. This is for the safety of all students. 

  • Sparring - any student partaking in sparring must have proper equipment. cups are highly encouraged. Mouthguard's are always required . Headgear is required

  • Filming - no filming of classes or sparring is allowed at anytime

        While some of these rules may seem strict , they exist for a reason. Our goal is to maintain a safe and effective training facility for all. Please be sure to follow these guidelines at all times.

Thank You!!!!! 

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