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Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

BJJ is founded on the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger, heavier opponent by using technique, leverage, and most notably, taking the fight to the ground, and then applying joint locks and chokeholds to defeat the opponent. Our BJJ programs are fun an excellent workout as well as offer the teachings of the best Martial Art in the world. Here at the Den we teach traditional Gracie Jiu Jitsu which has evolved over the years however still contains a strong element of Martial Arts for self defense rather than sport. Our style is perfect for Self Defense and translates very well for MMA as well.

                                 Lions Den Cub program  ( ages 4 - 7 )

Our Cub program is geared towards young children starting out in the sport. We will teach them not only how to be successful in self defense and Jiu Jitsu but at this stage to be successful in a class setting. They will learn to pay attention , respect their teachers and elders , focus on the task at hand and learn to be responsible for themselves as well as their peers. We are the only local program with a set curriculum for our Youth which means the children will learn a specific skill set throughout each stage/ Belt level of their BJJ Journey. Here at the Den we also compete as a school 1 time per year. This ensures each child will at least learn what it is like to compete and perform in that setting. We heavily prepare them for that moment and although every first time parent gets nervous , it always ends well. Much of learning how to use real self defense that will actually work if needed is learning to do this in a high stress / pressure situation . The kids don't realize it at the time but we are always preparing them for this , just in fun ways. Children in this program begin with classes available to them 3 days per week at 45 minutes per class . As they get older and more advanced, more days will become available to them. The children will test for new belts as they progress in the program. There are No additional fee's for testing or belts.

                     Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  ( ages 8 - 13 )

Our Youth program for ages 8 - 13 instills all the same great qualities as our Cub program. The main difference between the Cub program and this older age group is that more days will become available for them to learn. Classes are now 1 hour in length on most days. The children will still be competing once per year. Children who want to compete more can do so and our school attends many tournaments per year , so you would have many opportunities. Lions Den Martial Arts has won the team award for the Local Naga tournament every year we have been open ( last 5 years ) . Naga is the largest local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament held locally and around the world. What is more telling however about our youth programs and competitions is we are one of the only schools with numerous children competing at the Advanced and Expert levels. This does not just reflect on the fact our children are very good at this but also our retention with children whom end up staying in the program for many years. Children at the den will have many partners to learn alongside at every age , size , level and gender which makes learning more comfortable and rewarding for all.  Children will still test for new belts as they progress through our program and there are no additional fee's for belts or testing. Our structured curriculum for each belt level ensures that when it is time for a child to join the adult ranks , they are ready to not only do so but to excel at that level.  

                                        Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

Our adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the best form of self defense , a great new hobby or a great alternative to fitness training and getting in shape. Many of our new students have lost significant weight and gained muscle while coming a few times per week and the best part is , it doesn't even feel like a workout , it's fun. Our style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is greatly influenced by Gracie Jiu Jitsu. We have strong ties to the Gracie family and main Renzo Gracie gym in NYC. Professors Tom , Trent and Caleb have spent significant time training in that facility throughout  the years and we also bring Gracie instructors to the Den for seminars once a year. We also take field trips to the Renzo Gracie main academy for classes and private training with them as group . Our school is also an affiliate with Matt Secor BJJ whom is under the Tom Deblass affiliation. Another branch from the Renzo Gracie ---> Ricardo Almeida tree. Our lineage is something we are very proud of here at the Den but it does not stop at Jiu Jitsu. We also pride ourselves on the other arts we blend into our style and our instructors have had the pleasure to not only train with the worlds best in BJJ but also in wrestling ,Muay Thai, Judo and MMA. We bring in some of the top UFC fighters and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champions each year for our students to also learn from directly.  Expect to receive a very well rounded and diverse skill set when training here at the Den. Our students can also attend the Matt Secor Academy anytime for free as it is an added bonus of being affiliated with Matt's school. Whether you are looking for a fun new hobby, a form of self defense or want to compete one day, this is the place for you. Our student base is not what you might expect when you walk through our doors. Most of our students are men and women who are working professionals in their 40's . Most do not come to us with experience nor are they in shape. We have a very structured program and great family which helps us become and stay successful in this great art. Give it a try , it will change you life and you will not regret it! 

Muay Thai


what is Muay Tai?

Very similar to kickboxing,Muay Thai is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This discipline is known as the "art of eight limbs" as it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. We have a Youth Class as well as Adult Classes in Muay Thai.

                Youth Muay Thai Program ( ages 7 - 13 )

                       This program kicks off September 1'st

                                Limited to 20 students


Our Youth Muay Thai program is for ages 7 - 13. In this program children will learn 6 of the 8 limb strikes used in traditional Muay Thai with the exception of elbows which will come at the adult level. We focus on the basics of this stand up sport and your child will learn proper stance, footwork and defense along with the various strikes and offensive combinations. Our program does have a ranking system and children will test and receive rankling through our Muay Thai system. While most children do not plan or have interest in competing , the opportunity is available as we do attend competitions as well. We do not however push any of the children to compete in this program. That part is totally up to them and the parent. Children will also have opportunities to attend special seminars here at the Den with some of the Worlds best Muay Thai practitioners.

                              Adult Muay Thai

Our Adult Muay Thai program is a lot of fun. Most of our students come to us with zero background in martial arts and end up staying years. We have students in this program from 14 years of age up to students in their 50's. Some just want to learn the sport or get in shape and others have ambitions of competing. No matter what the goal our program will get you to it. Each class begins with a warm up and stretch and we really pound the fundamentals here in our program. We do have a ranking system and our students will test throughout their journey with us to advance through the ranks. In this sport once a student has built a good foundation and has the fundamentals down we like to build each persons style around their personal strengths making each student unique in their own way just as in life. We offer classes for adults 6 days a week.

Mixed Martial Arts


Our Mixed Martial arts class is for students already taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai with us. In this class students are already expected to have a base in these things so we can work on blending the different arts together while teaching techniques primarily used for Mixed Martial Arts competition itself. Some of our students plan to compete or do so while others simply enjoy training the arts together. Either is fine here at the Den. Our students who have chosen to compete have been extremely successful as our school holds a record of 10 - 1 since we opened 4 years ago. Of the 10 wins , 8 were Knockouts and 2 were submissions and 3 bouts were for titles. 



We have a small wrestling program here at the Den. We offer 2 classes per week which are mixed ages. Our coaches are the best you will find. Trent is a 2 time State champion and top 5 in wins all time in NYS. Caleb finished 2nd and 3rd in the state in High school and also had over 200 wins. Both went on to compete in NCAA Division 1 wrestling and start for their teams while getting a FREE education while obtaining their degrees. Aside from our regular classes Trent and Caleb both are available for Private sessions which are limited to our members only. Our Wrestling program is a bit different than most. We train our wrestlers the same way Professor Svingala trained his son's in wrestling and that is with a strong combination of wrestling along with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo. In the end, instead of having a child whom is just good at wrestling as an adult you will have one who has mastered that along with BJJ and Judo. It makes a huge difference.


          Personal Training / PrivateTraining


Does our schedule not fit yours or are you looking for something in a private setting? Schedule a private session in any of our Disciplines as well as Personal Training. Whether your goal is to get better at Wrestling , Jiu Jitsu , Muay Thai, MMA  OR  to reach a personal fitness goal, we have you covered . We offer sessions in fitness training as well in the form of Cardio Boxing and Cardio kickboxing workouts which are ideal for losing weight and getting in shape. We offer these sessions for 1 person or for a small group here at the Den or at your home. Prices are all listed on the "Prices" page on this website. Group packages available if buying 10 or more sessions at a time.

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