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Extra Member Benefits

All of our members also receive these extra great benefits aside from classes here at the Den :

  • Full access to all classes at our affiliate gym : Matt Secor BJJ in Glens Falls

  • Full access to our facebook members only page which includes extra training videos filmed here at the Den during many of our Exclusive seminars with UFC Champions and Stars as well as Olympians and many other world class Coaches and Athletes.

  • Early access to register for our Exclusive seminars with UFC stars and the top athletes in BJJ , Wrestling , Muay Thai and Boxing. We hold these 3-5 times per year.

  • Access to our members only field trips. We travel to some of the other top gyms and facilities in the country to train with the best coaches and athletes in the world. In 2022 we traveled to the Renzo Gracie main academy for private training with their top coaches. We also traveled to the University of Buffalo to train with the NCAA Division 1 wrestling team/Coaches. 


                                                   These benefits are available to all Current members



                                                                             Youth Memberships ( ages 4 - 13 )

$105 monthly EFT - 6 month commitment - includes all of our youth classes ( Wrestling , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , Muay Thai & Boxing)

$140 - 1 month  - no commitment

$550 - 6 months 

$900 - 12 months 

                                                                                     Adult Memberships ( ages 14 & up )


Pick your disciplines -  Pick from either the Wrestling/ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu package OR  Muay Thai/Boxing package. You get all classes in either group .

$105 monthly EFT - 6 month commitment 

 $140 - 1 month - no commitment

$550 - 6 months 

$950 - 12 months 




Unlimited memberships - includes all of our classes

$160 monthly  EFT - 6 month commitment 

 $180 - 1 month  - no commitment 

 $725  - 6 months 

 $1200 - 12 month 



Drop in class / Day pass - $20

Private Training / Personal Training -  Choose between any of our coaching staff, available - Mon - Fri from 10am-5pm and Saturdays at 9am and 1pm . By appointment only - must pre pay - no showing will count as an appointment. Cancelations must be made 24 hours or more ahead of time. Training will be geared towards your personal wants or needs. You can request to be taught something in particular or we can mold the session to your experience level or need.

$65 per hour session for current members

$100 per hour session for non members

Family Plans - 1st member is full price , each additional family member is half off. ( must be immediate family )  


Family Plans for entire family - $250 a month EFT for the entire fam (unlimited)   ( must be immediate family ) 

Family Private Training -  all family members are invited to join in ex: brothers,sisters, kids, grandparents, 1st cousins, aunts , uncles. lets not get crazy - no 2nd cousins etc 

$150  for non members per session

$100  for current members per session

Personal Martial Arts instruction in your home : We deliver , we come to your home and teach you any of the sports/arts we offer.

$400 for the 1st hour , $100 for additional hours per visit.

 Gift Certificates Also Available 

Punch Card Payment System :  These are punch cards that can be purchased for $150 and get you 10 classes with us. They can be used for any individual class.

Please note - no refunds are given on memberships, gift certificates or other

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