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                                                   Frequently asked Questions

Q : Do you offer trial classes?

A : We do not offer a free trial class , however we do offer a day pass for $20. If you decide to join within a week , the $20 will go towards your first months membership.

Q : Do I need a Gi (uniform) to do class?

A: If it is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi class you will need a gi. Gi's can be purchased here at the academy or rented here for $10 per day if your just trying it out. 

Q : Are Martial Arts classes good for losing weight?

A : We have had many many students lose anywhere from 10 - 50 pounds in their first first 3 months of classes with us. The best part is, you are having fun and the class goes by fast as a result. Most results like this occur when members come 3-4 hours per week.

Q : Is there a long term commitment with memberships?

A : We offer many different types of memberships from zero commitment for 1 day or month to a 6 month commitment which is heavily discounted.

Q : How old can a child start taking classes?

A : We start teaching children at 4 years old.

Q : What equipment will I need for classes?

A : For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , you will need an academy Gi. These cost anywhere from $90 - $125 and are purchased here at the facility. For Boxing , you will need Handwraps and Boxing Gloves. The cost is $65 total for these things at the facility. For Muay Thai you will need Boxing gloves , hand wraps and shin guards. The total cost for these items would be $130 at our facility. We only carry name brand high quality equipment and offer them below retail prices for our members.

Q : Which days do you offer classes

A : We are open and offer multiple classes for all ages, 7 days a week.

Q : Do your students compete ? 

A : While competing is not required and all students have their own goals, our school competes more than any other local school. We have students who compete in Boxing, Kickboxing , MMA , Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling.

Q : Do you offer family discounts?

A : We offer the best rates by far for a single member as well as Families. We always suggest interested parties look into other schools so they can rest assured they are getting a great price .

Q : Am I too old to begin martial arts?

A : our average students age in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu adult program is around 40. We have students who are in their 60's training. Many of our students have began their journey with us in their 40's. 

Q : Will I get injured doing Martial Arts?

A : While anything can happen, we have only had 1-2 injuries occur in over 15 years in business and with over 300 different members. This is very rare and most injuries in Martial Arts are a broken finger or bone in a foot from kicking.

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