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Real estate Professionals self defense seminar's

Do you want the agents in your office to feel like you go above and beyond to ensure their safety while meeting with clients? On many occasions real estate professionals are are forced to meet with total strangers in at private locations . 

In January of 2022 a man in Mississippi called and threatened multiple real estate agents. It was stated his treats were to attack and rape these women. These attacks are happening more frequently through the years and we teach our clients to identify threats, take precautions prior to any meeting and to defend themselves should the situation arise.

Choose the right program for your office or set up a office account so all professionals in your office can train in self defense classes regularly. We offer deep discounts for office accounts.

Seminar / self defense training options for real estate offices

1 day seminar - Bring your office in for a 2 hour self defense seminar geared towards real estate professionals. Schedule a time that works best for you.

$500 for entire office

6 week real estate professionals training course - This is a 6 week course for real estate professionals. Professionals will not only learn self defense tactics used to protect themselves but will drill and practice these techniques through this 6 week course. Your office will have a 90 minute session each week for a 6 week span and with each attendee leaving with a diploma as they graduate from our program.

$2000 for the entire office

Full office membership for Lions Den Martial Arts - Each real estate professional in your office will have a full membership at Lions Den Martial Arts. We begin your annual membership with a 90 minute seminar for your office. In this seminar we go over ways to protect yourself prior to meeting new clients and precautions you can take going into these meetings. Your office members will then be able to take advantage of a full year of self defense classes here at the den. Your professionals will not only gain the knowledge to defend themselves and avoid an attack but they will also gain self discipline and confidence in themselves while doing it. Its also a great workout!!!

Office memberships

1-10 employees - $500 a month or $4500 per year

11-20 employees - $750 a month or $8000 per year

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