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Expansion project / Upcoming class changes and additions

Members : We have many changes headed our way at the Lions Den . So many that it is hard to run through them all in class or even in a post of Facebook . So here is a post to give you a rundown of what to expect at the Den over the next 6 months.

Most of you have been in enough to know what we have going on with the schedule right now. Judo is now a norm and our Boxing classes that started up a month ago are doing great and have a big turnout. With the expansion planned to be finished up and facility ready to go on March 1st here are some other changes and additions that are coming your way.

Open gym times : We will be open from 10am to 4pm Monday through Friday beginning in March. Any members with the unlimited membership can come in during those times and use the mats for BJJ , Wrestling , Judo whatever. We will also have a bunch of new punching bags up for boxing and kickboxing workouts as well as some fitness equipment. This is open to kids 6 and up and adults. Kids can have a parent help out. Not sure if you have unlimited or not? just ask. Anyone can switch to unlimited for a small increase per month.

We are also offering private training during these times. We are selling punch cards which give you 10 boxing or kickboxing sessions. Sessions include learning how to and hitting the different bags including heavy bags , thai bags , wall targets , upper cut bags, speed bags and double end balls as well as hitting pads held by our instructors . Sessions are (15) 3 minute rounds with a minute break in between and an awesome workout . $150 for the 10 session card

We also offer semi private training during these times in BJJ or wrestling . A semi private is when you bring a partner. cost is $20 a person and we can cover anything you want to work on or develop techniques that will help your individual game.

Youth BJJ class change : Beginning in July our advanced BJJ class will be Gray belts with a black stripe and up. We are continuing to change this as our school grows and children advance . Eventually this class will be for yellow belts and up further down the road.

Wrestling summer program : We will be having a daytime wrestling program that runs 3 days a week for 5 weeks this summer from late June through July and will be from 10:30am - 11:45am . This program is not for beginners and is for advanced youth wrestlers and high school wrestlers.

Summer camp : August 9-13 : This is limited to 16 campers and sign ups have begun with 6 kids already signed up. This is an all day camp for kids 6 & up. We have 1 martial arts practice per day. 1 Nerf war at the facility and take 1 field trip per day. 1 day we go to the schodack island state park for a BBQ and games , 1 day we go to the movies, 1 day we go bowling and 1 day we go to Funplex fun park. One day we also watch a movie at the facility and have a sundae party .

Naga : We will be competing at the BJJ tournament July 31st -Aug 1st. facility will be closed these days as we have a large group going down. Tournament is located in Wildwood NJ at the convention center located on the boardwalk. Plan is to also do the boardwalk one night with the kids while we are there and a beach day with everyone. Should be a great time and Wildwood is a great place with nice beaches and great restaurants. Encourage everyone to come whether your competing or not. Come cheer your teammates on. If anyone wants to share a hotel room with other members or carpool , create a post on our members only page. Im sure people would be interested.

Womens only BJJ classes : These will begin the first week of September and will be on Saturday mornings . They are open to all female members who are age 11 and up.

UFC Viewing Parties : Once or twice a month beginning in March we will have the facility open at night for UFC Viewing Parties. These are open to all members ages 15 and up . Cost is $5 per person and each person or family must bring a pot luck item . Bring your own beer/alcohol. Our first event will be UFC 260 on March 27'th. Members can bring a spouse or 1 friend. If it is non family they must bring their own pot luck dish. This is not open to the general public so anyone who comes must be with a member. Your guest is your responsibility.

Belt Promotions : Our next Belt promotion and clinic with Professor Secor is March 6'th. Everyone in our BJJ programs should be in attendance that day. We only have 3 of these per year. Cost is $10 per person and each family must bring a pot luck dish. Kids are from 10am - 11am and adults from 11am-12pm . Please arrive 10 minutes early and be ready to go at the start time. Each class will be followed by a great spread of food.

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