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Lions Den Monthly Newsletter 10/21

Hi Everyone , We are back with our monthly newsletter to fill you in on all that has been going on as well as what we have coming up. We have been busy since out last newsletter and we have a bunch of new members who have joined our programs. Our new women's only BJJ program has taken off and we now have these classes twice per week. While we thought after adding an addition on to our original space would set us up for the new few years we are already filling up our space. We will be adding more classes in the coming months as a result and also closing our memberships . It is hard to believe but we already have over 120 members. We plan to close our membership when we hit 200 and then will create a waiting list for new or returning members thereafter . We take pride in the close knit ,family style relationships we have with our members and want to limit numbers and keep from one crowding our classes. It is important to us that our students get the attention they need during classes so we can all improve together. We want to thank all of our members for sharing your experiences here at the Den as we have had so many great stories over the last 2 years. Now , lets get into some Den News.

Tournaments and Fights !! We recently competed in Springfield Mass at the Naga BJJ tournament . We finished in 2nd place as a team out of 60 in our Youth and Teens Division and 4'th place for our Adult Divisions out of 70 teams. Awesome results for an out of state tournament !! Our Next BJJ tournament will be the January 15'th Naga at the Albany Armory.

We have 1 fighter preparing for his upcoming MMA Fight which will be at the Rivers Casino in Schenectady. Steve Miller will be fighting on November 20'th.

Belt Promotions . We had our last Belt promotions in September and many of our kids who have been working hard were promoted. What I enjoy seeing more than anything is the kids from the Den competing in competitions and doing well against others not only at their belt levels but against much higher belts!! We have a good thing going. At our last promotion 2 adults from our program received their blue belts. Big Congrats again to Colin (pictured right) and Sean Kelly. Our next belt promotions are coming up on December 18'th . Our belt promotions are always a great time and consist of a seminar taught by Professor Secor and followed with a great Pot Luck lunch which is always delicious .

Wrestling !!! WINTER IS COMING !!

The wrestling season is upon us and our Youth Wrestlers have been training hard and are sharp. We are gearing up for the season and plan to compete at all of the local tournaments that come out this season as a team. We will also be competing outside our area following the season and plan to compete at the Gene Mills Nationals in Syracuse . Coaches Trent and Caleb are working hard at the University of Buffalo preparing for the season. We are also preparing our members for the University of Buffalo Wrestling Program. We will be announcing Details to our new annual Summer Camp at the University this month. We will be taking our wrestlers to Buffalo who will learn directly from Buffalo's coaching staff and Division 1 Wrestlers. We will be staying at the Millennium Hotel and parents are encouraged to come as we will also be doing some other fun activities while we are there. This is scheduled to be a 3 day camp from Friday to Sunday.

Upcoming Seminar!!! Last month we had an Awesome seminar with the UFC's Shane Burgos !! He put on a solid seminar in BJJ but his Muay Thai and MMA seminars were phenomenal . Everyone who came left happy . Our next Seminar is with BJJ Royalty . Robson Gracie will be here on December 17'th and will be putting on a youth Seminar in BJJ and then an Adult Seminar in BJJ . Robson is the brother of Renzo Gracie and one of the top instructors at the main Renzo Gracie academy in NYC. Coach Trent had the pleasure of working with Robson a lot while he Attended Columbia University his first 2 years and loved his classes. Robson is also an Undefeated MMA fighter and competes for the Bellator organization . We also have a Seminar scheduled with UFC Legend Jon Fitch in February . We are truly blessed to have so many stars that come in and out of the Den every couple of months.

Added Classes !!! We are constantly adding new classes to our schedule and are very close to filling it. In November , keep an eye out for an added Adult BJJ Fundamental class on Monday nights as well as an added advanced Youth BJJ class which will be on Wednesday evenings. Our youth BJJ program will now have 2 Beginner classes , 1 intermediate and 2 Advanced classes as well as the Friday Live class. Beginner kids should take beginner classes , intermediate kids should take beginner and intermediate classes and advanced kids can take them all. We have had some serious compliments over the last few months from many top athletes on the level of our youth students and how good our Youth BJJ program is. We are super proud of these kids and thankful to all of the parents who are supporting them , getting them to class and working with them at home! Thank You!!

Upcoming Parties !! We have a Youth Halloween Party that will be on October 28'th. The Den will be decorated for Halloween and have festive music played . Kids should bring their costume , we will have a costume contest and prizes handed out. The kids will play games and all get a large Pumpkin to carve here with their parents help. Each family will bring a pot luck dish to share and it will be a great time! Thanksgiving : We are open Thanksgiving morning for what we call our Thanksgiving Rolls. From 9am -10am we are open for Live rolling and open mat . Come and burn some calories with friends before that big Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanks for reading

See you on the Mats!!

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