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Lions Den Quarterly Newsletter 10/6/22 Big things on the Horizon

Welcome to our latest newsletter !! We will be sharing all that has recently been going on at the Den as well as what we have coming up in the next few months. We have been busy this summer with belt promotions , competitions as well as training with some of the top stars in the UFC. We also have more exciting news for you so be sure to read all the way through so you don't miss out.

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu our team has competed in 5 different Naga tournaments as well as 1-2 others in the past 3 months. Our teams have down a tremendous job in competition. We finished in 1'st place as a team at the hometown Albany event and placed in the top 5 in every other Naga we have entered out of state which is a huge feat considering hundreds of teams enter these events. Great job by all. ( Pictured above is a team brought to the Wildwood NJ event). Our next Naga BJJ competition will be in January at the Albany Armory. Our youth team has won every event for the past 3 years so we are excited to keep that streak alive!

Our August belt promotion was held at Professor Secor's academy !!! This was a great event and pictured above are Coaches Tom, Matt and Trent and on the right are Brad , Kaitlyn and Kathleen who were all promoted at this event. Our next Belt promotion is scheduled for December and we are excited to add more Blues and Purples to our ranks within the Den!

In August we also had some amazing Seminars with 2 UFC legends and Hall of Famers!!! Dan Severn and Mark Coleman were in and our students got to learn directly from these guys. Dan Severn was a multiple time UFC Champion as well as a Division 1 NCAA all american Wrestler. He put on an amazing seminar . We do Seminars like these every few months so our students can learn directly from the Best athletes in the world. Pictured above is a picture from our kids wrestling clinic with Mark Coleman . Mark was a Pride Fighting Champion tournament champion as well as a multiple time UFC Champion and Division 1 NCAA wrestling National Champion. Doesn't get much better than this.

Pictured to the left , Dan Severn almost didn't leave here with his UFC Championship Belt. Above Dan is pictured with a group here at the Den after his BJJ Seminar. He was a lot of fun and after each seminar our members all get a pictured autograph with these stars.

Our next Seminar is Scheduled with Bellator star Leah Mccourt !! Leah is coming to us from Northern Ireland. She is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo Black Belt and has won the IBJJF Worlds tournament. She is currently ranked 4'th in her weight class for Bellator. We are very excited to have her with us!!


We are organizing another field trip to the Renzo Gracie main academy !! We went down and visited in the spring and had a great time with Robson as well as coaches Mike and Fabio. Pictured above is a private session we did with Robson. Robson also came to the Den this year last December and it has been a blast working with him. We are planning to head down in early December so we can also enjoy NYC decorated for Christmas and we can also check out the tree and maybe get some Ice Skating in . We are going to try to get sessions in with Robson , Jamal , Fabio and Bridget while we are at Renzo's this time around. Stay tuned for more info on what is sure to be an unforgettable event!!!

Another win for Mike in the UFC!! One of our first students is pictured here getting his hand raised last weekend for another awesome UFC win. Mike put on another great show and is way up the ladder as one of the best up and coming fighters today. Mike is currently training and living in Florida but comes back once or twice a year to teach here at the Den. We are excited to get him back in here and we are looking at the springtime and should have him here for 3-4 days.

What a great time!! Last month our super Heavyweight fighter , Elshaddai won his MMA debut at Cage Wars. Elshaddai as well as Brendan from our MMA team are both scheduled to fight at Cage Wars in the upcoming November 4'th event at the Rivers Casino in Schenectady NY. We have developed what has become the best school in the area for Mixed Martial Arts fighters and currently house the top amateurs in the area. Stay tuned for more fight announcements for these guys as well as plenty more up and coming fighters we have here at the Den.

Speaking of Fighters........... HE'S BAAAAAACK!! Pictured above are Trent and Caleb along with JT Torres who is one of the best EVER Jiu Jitsu practitioners. They just spent a week with JT in Buffalo learning from him and have some great things they will be sharing in classes. Trent is moving back to the Den in 3 weeks as he is taking a job locally as he finishes his degree this year online . We are excited to have him back to the Den full time. We might be biased but he is the top practitioner in the area hands down ,the stats don't lie folks.

Our Annual Halloween Party is coming up!!!!

On October 27'th we will have our annual Halloween Party. We have one for the kids and then later on at night one for adults. Kids all come in costume and get a pumpkin to carve here at the den. We play games , have contests for best costume and pumpkin and hand out prizes. It is a pot luck event so each family just brings dish to share. Kids hit a piñata so they all go home with lots of treats. For the adults its much of the same , music , fun , great food and drinks are shared . Costumes are required

Wrestling season is right around the corner!! Tournaments are already being posted and our kids are gearing up for for another great season. We have some moving on to the varsity level already as 7'th and 8'th graders and some staying put on the youth scene. This is an exciting year for us with the addition of coach Mike and the return of Trent to our already stacked wrestling staff. Get your popcorn ready!!

That about sums it up!! We have been busy and it looks like we will staying that way with some amazing events coming up. We don't have too much to share in regards to our regular classes as the schedule is not changing much. We are adding our 4'th Muay Thai class per week in December. This gives our Muay thai members one more class per week. We also have added some more mixed classes so parents can train along with their kids. We have one for Muay Thai on Mondays and one for Boxing on Sundays. We have a new Mixed MMA class beginning in December so check that out!!


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