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Lions Den Quick Newsletter 5/24/21

Hi everyone, we are here to bring you a quick update on everything that has been going on at the Den along with what we have coming up. We have some classes being added and schedule changes that you should all take note of as well as some cool events coming up. As our school is continuing to grow , we are now able to offer more classes as well as develop our classes to accommodate members of different skill levels. This way we can keep you progressing and getting better. Here is what you need to know

We have added a 2nd boxing class to our schedule. This class is being taught by local Professional boxer Will Madera Garland. He is very good and currently 19-1 as a pro. He is a longtime student of our current coach Jerrick Jones and teaches the same style which is helpful . All Children will need to have headgear and mouthguard's to attend all boxing classes beginning June 1st. They are beginning to learn to spar and move around and we like to keep everyone safe and comfortable and for them to get used to wearing these things. Adults will also need these things if they wish to spar which is optional. We have some in stock for purchase and can order more if needed.

More added classes !

Our women's only BJJ classes begin August 14'th and will be taught by Kathleen Johnson. These classes are for women only and girls can start at 12 years old. We are also adding another BJJ fundamentals class to our Monday night schedule which is open to everyone.This class will be added sometime between now and August 14'th so stay tuned for that.

Class Changes !

Youth BJJ changes. Our program and students are continuing to grow and advance. We have continued to up the requirements for our Advanced class and we will again bump this up after our next belt promotion June 6'th. The new requirement will be Gray belts with a black stripe and up. Eventually we need this class to be comprised of Yellow belts and up so our instructors can all focus on what is needed for the different levels of students we have. Be sure your child is attending the correct classes.

Upcoming events !

We have 4 upcoming events over the next 6 weeks. Our first is our BJJ belt promotion which is June 6'th. We have these 4 times per year and they are mandatory for all BJJ students. Our 2nd event is on June 11'th when UFC legend Cat Zingano is here with us teaching seminars for everyone. I highly recommend this to everyone . Our 3rd event is a wrestling camp June 19'th and 20'th with NCAA champion Mitch Clark. Mitch is one of the best instructors in the nation and does camps all over the U.S . I highly recommend this to our wrestlers . Our final event is July 31'st and August 1'st in Wildwood NJ. This is a BJJ tournament called NAGA. I highly encourage all youth students to compete as well as adult students who might be interested and have a few months of training under their belt. Ive gotten tons of questions about competing from my newer adult students which is awesome. Im pushing most of my adult students with less than 4 months experience to our next competition which will be local in Albany and most likely in February.

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