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Lions Den Monthly Newsletter 7/5/21

Hi Everyone, welcome to our monthly newsletter. Im going to catch you up with what has been going on here at the Den as well as what we are doing currently and what we have coming up. In the last couple of weeks we had some great things going on at the Den. We have UFC legend Cat Zingano in for a seminar . We had our last BJJ belt promotion with Professor Secor who came in and did a great clinic. We also had coach Trent competing in Cage Wars in which he got a great 90 second KO to win the fight. We had a great turnout for Trent's fight and it was a great time! We also have a ton of new members in our classes and things have really been rolling.

We are constantly trying to improve our classes and with new students entering the mix and with our old students constantly improving we have to switch classes up at times. We have added a bunch of new classes over this last year and we again are doing just that. This week we have adjusted our schedule as we are dividing up our wrestling program so our members can continue to improve. We now have a competition team practice for wrestlers . This practice is geared towards our members between the ages of 8 and 13 who have been with us and active in classes. These kids must attend camps , clinics and tournaments to remain in the group and to be focused during practice . We are excited to see what this new practice and environment brings our wrestlers. You will also see the NEW women's only BJJ class start up in 5 weeks. This is a Saturday morning class and we already have a ton of interest in this.

This Saturday we are planning to have a get together at Dave and Busters to Watch the next UFC event. Conor Mcgregor and Dustin Poirier are headlining what looks to be a great night of fights. We will have a private room with TV and a great buffet out for the event. Adults and kids are welcome, Just reach out for details .

I know Im jumping around here but Im trying to fill you in on all that is going on and we have been busy! Last weekend some of our girls went and competed in their first Judo tournament as well! Quinn , Kahlen and Allie went to the Jason Morris Judo center and from what I hear looked very good. Im loving what Im seeing from our Judo students, Keep up the good work! In 24 days the Lions Den is set to invade the Jersey Shore!!!! We will be attending the worlds largest NAGA BJJ tournament held in Wildwood NJ at the convention center on the boardwalk . This is going to be a great time!!! Im pushing all students to attend and for all of our kids to compete in this one. You will have lots of good opponents at your own age, skill level and weight at this one. GET THERE!!!! We are also planning to do a beach day together on friday , the day before and a boardwalk night on Saturday after the kids event. If you need help getting your child to this event please reach out, we can help with a ride, room, registration fee , whatever. We don't leave any members behind.

We also have our Summer Camp coming up in mid August. This summer camp is limited to 20 campers. It is already half full . This is a 5 day long day camp running from 8am to 4pm. It includes 4 field trips to the movies, bowling , funplex and a BBQ at the schodack island state park. Cost is $250 . a $100 deposit is needed to hold a spot, rest due on 1st day of camp. Covers everything but lunches. We offer a eat out option each day ( subway, pizza , taco bell , mcdonalds, etc for $30 for the week) . The kids have a blast at this camp and we almost didnt hold it this year as things have been super busy but the kids pushed to do this again so here we are.

- See you on the mats!!

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